In a (successful) effort to encourage student interest in art and history, the Metropolitan Museum of Art indulges in nighttime student-oriented exhibitions, complete with food, a DJ, a photo booth, and, of course, access to whichever exhibit is spotlighted. Registering for such an event is extremely easy and is completed online via Eventbrite. As long as you have a valid student ID, you will be granted access to this unforgettable evening for free, but make sure you get there early enough to absolutely ensure being able to attend, as these events are first come, first served.IMG_0483

The particular event available when I attended on November 12th was A Night on the Nile. Attendees were encouraged to dress in accordance with the theme, but for the less adventurous (like myself), semi-formal attire was just as appropriate. The exhibition spotlighted that evening was Ancient Egypt Transformed: The Middle Kingdom, which is where the theme was derived from. The gallery included jewelry, art, artifacts, and countless facts all gathered from the culture of the Middle Kingdom, sure to capture the interest of even those who are self-claimed haters of museums. Although access to the entirety of the Met is not granted during such an event, there were other galleries besides those related to ancient Egypt that were open to the attendees.IMG_0488

For those who have their hearts set against enjoying the art provided by the Met after hours, the DJ, drinks, and food are sure to capture their interest. The first floor of the Met is completely transformed into basically a themed night club. Waiters and waitresses decked out in Egyptian garb served foods associated with Egypt, like hummus and bread, and the lighting mimics that of a club. The music selection from the DJ is not necessarily on theme, and so all of your favorite songs are blasted throughout the massive open space while a free photo booth makes it easy to commemorate your night. A Night on the Nile was a truly unique experience, and anyone who attends any other Night at the Museum event is sure to share my sentiments and will, at the very least, leave the Met feeling cultured and sophisticated.

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