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Pietro Nolita

No one in their right mind would ever turn down the chance to step inside Barbie’s Dream House, but for those of us who don’t have that as a feasible option (read: me), Pietro Nolita is a close and much… Continue Reading →

October 12-15//Mom and Dad Take Italy

Almost every non-commuting college student has been forced to adjust to no longer living with his or her parents, but there’s a huge difference between living 2 hours away from home in the Bronx’s Little Italy and living in actual… Continue Reading →

October 20-22//Prague

The fact that I even made my trip to Prague is nothing short of a miracle. As the friend known for her hangovers, was going out the night before an early flight and depending on an unreliable phone’s alarm to… Continue Reading →

September 5//Culture Shock

As someone who lived in NYC all summer away from my family and friends, I can attest firsthand to the idea that being alone in a busy city is a special kind of loneliness. Granted, I had an amazing roommate and several… Continue Reading →

Gran Morsi

Any restaurant with a menu so deep that you can’t resist ordering 7 items between 2 people is obviously not to be overlooked, especially when not a single dish even remotely disappoints. Looking to top that and order 8 fully satisfying… Continue Reading →

Golf Club at Chelsea Piers

Name something more “dad” than a driving range (hint: a grille is the only acceptable answer). While I couldn’t provide a barbecue setup for my dad this past Father’s Day, I was able to bring him and my brother to… Continue Reading →

Jacques Brasserie

As someone who has always associated French food with snails (which I highly doubt I will ever feel culturally curious enough to try) and what I can hastily grab at Pret A Manger, Jacques Brasserie was the appetizing wake up… Continue Reading →

Pugsley’s Pizza

When you finally drag yourself home after a night out, there’s inevitably only one thing on your mind: hot and greasy food. Luckily for us in the Bronx, we have Pugsley’s Pizza to satisfy that late night craving. It’s no… Continue Reading →

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square

You definitely do not need to be an avid museum-goer to appreciate the oddities and exhibits on display at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square. I checked it out with my dad and brother, and all three of us… Continue Reading →


Mastering the combination of an intimate setting perfect for a date, a level of casual vibes ideal for catching up with your mom, and an upbeat atmosphere practically begging for you to invite your friends is no easy feat, yet… Continue Reading →

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