The span of Bryant Park is arguably one of the most enticing and beautiful views found within the city, and so the fantastic food served at the Bryant Park Grill is truly the icing on an already spectacular cake. Despite humid air and a harsh sun, the atmosphere at the Grill proved to be pleasant and comfortable when I had the fortune to dine outside on the patio at this classically delicious and wholesome restaurant (thanks, Mom). IMG_6728The menu provided at the outdoor café consists of smaller fare, and is divided up into “small plates,” “sandwiches,” and “large plates.” I chose a ground turkey burger, which was served with cheddar, grilled onions, pickles, lettuce, and chipotle mayonnaise toppings and kettle-cooked chips, and my mom opted for the tomato medley, which was essentially a Caprese salad. We also chose to split an order of chips and guacamole and the grilled brie served with tomato and avocado on sesame bread. The burger was genuinely one of the juiciest and most savory burgers that I have ever had, and the chips and guacamole were so addicting that the entire basket of chips was empty by the time we finished our meals. The brie appetizer was a unique twist on a classic cheese platter starter and definitely left us satisfied, and even the simple tomato medley was both refreshing and filling. For those who want a heavier meal, the full menu of the Grill includes options like steak frites, lobster rolls, a panko crusted chicken sandwich, and several other mouthwatering options (but be warned, the prices are steep for someone who’s trying to budget), as well as an extensive appetizer menu.IMG_6729 Bryant Park Grill also serves brunch (consisting of staples like eggs Benedict, challah French toast, and a variety of egg options) with the option of 25$ for a meal plus coffee or tea. Despite a large dinner rush at the time of my visit, the waiters proved to be very attentive and polite, not rushing you but also catering to you if you need to eat in a hurry (aka if you need to make a train). Those seeking an upscale joint to host a private event should look no further than Bryant Park Grill, as the Grill offers a variety of options for private events. If you don’t love Bryant Park, eating at Bryant Park Grill is sure to change your perspective while providing superb dishes and an excellent view, and for those of you who already have fond feelings regarding the park, the Bryant Park Grill is absolutely essential for your next visit.

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