All it takes is a brief glance around the room to recognize that Coffee Project New York, while similar to the countless hidden coffee shop gems of NYC, is in a league of its own. Customers sit behind platters of coffee (or, more accurately, glasses containing the different aspects of coffee) under warm lights, and the carefully crafted drinks include the two most popular creations of Coffee Project NY: the deconstructed latte and nitrogen cold brew. 1feb2017-13

The deconstructed latte is presented in the form of 3 different glasses: one containing espresso, one full of frothy steamed milk, and the last teeming with a standard latte. The goal of the founders of Coffee Project NY is to challenge the customer to recognize and enjoy the different notes of a latte through drinking the classic in a previously unheard of form. The original latte provided along with the espresso and milk serves as a comparison to the concept of drinking each aspect separately, and is a favorite among visitors. 1feb2017-2

The nitrogen cold brew was slightly less hipster than its deconstructed counterpart, but was still much more experimental than your typical morning coffee. This cold brew gets its name from its creation process: cold brew is first poured into a keg and then infused with nitrogen (for those lactose intolerants craving a creamy texture without mixing in dairy products, the nitrogen cold brew is for you). You won’t just be served one glass, though. In proper Coffee Project fashion, this particular option comes with one glass of black cold brew, one with milk, and a tiny serving cup containing liquified sugar. Upon ordering, I was instructed to take sips of each coffee to identify the different notes, then add the sugar to each to see how each changed. As a 19 year old Dunkin’ enthusiast, I’d be lying if I said I was sophisticated enough to recognize how the notes changed after sugar additions (or even what a “note” of coffee is, really), but there are certainly people who savor each slightly different sip, and rightfully so. 1feb2017-4

Besides the deconstructed latte and the nitrogen cold brew, the menu includes familiar wake-up drinks like espressos, macchiatos, americanos, cappuccinos, and your standard latte and cold brew for those more interested in a quick trip (understandably, the more creative options are dine-in only). Slightly less innovative (but unique nonetheless) are the coffee float (nitrogen infused coffee with vanilla ice cream), the tonique (espresso or cold brew served in iced tonic water), and “the happy drink” (“2 shots espresso into iced sparkling water, topped with whipped cream and espresso grounds”).

1feb2017-15Nestled between 2nd and 3rd Ave (on 5th Street), Coffee Project NY is a 10 minute walk from Union Square. With non-dairy options, classic takes on coffee, and inventive culinary projects, Coffee Project New York has something for everyone, from the most self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur to those with a steadfast “stick to the original” mindset.

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