Any restaurant with a menu so deep that you can’t resist ordering 7 items between 2 people is obviously not to be overlooked, especially when not a single dish even remotely disappoints. Looking to top that and order 8 fully satisfying dishes? Look no further than Gran Morsi. Located at 22 Warren Street in Tribeca, Gran Morsi boasts a sophisticated menu full of picture-perfect meals and drinks accompanied by outstanding service.

Anyone who declines to order appetizers is seriously missing out (not just at Gran Morsi, but in life to be honest), and this was made evident by the mouthwatering dishes we chose to order. Bruschetta is never a bad choice to start off a meal, and Gran Morsi’s take on this classic hors d’oeuvre included a sheepsmilk ricotta topping with black mission figs, hazelnuts, scallions, and orange blossom honey. Calling this bruschetta “good” would be a massive understatement, and even the re-heated leftovers were rave-worthy.

Our other selected appetizers were the polpette “meatballs” and the margherita pizza (say what you want about pizza as a starter; anything can be an appetizer if you try hard enough). The meatballs were a blend of black angus beef and berkshire pork, and the accompanying tomato sauce made for a savory option that I would for sure order again. Pizza is something that’s hard to mess up, but that’s no reason to slack in that department, and the kitchen staff at Gran Morsi proved that a margherita pizza can be both quickly crafted and perfectly cooked.


If pasta is your thing (which it 100% is, and if you disagree we all know you’re just lying), then you have to try the Garganelli (“summer truffles, prosciutto di parma, english peas, chives, parmesan cream”), which was what I ordered as my main meal. Honestly, words can’t do this creamy dish any sort of justice, as this was easily in the top 3 of the best pastas I’ve ever tried (and trust me, I have had my share of pasta over the years).

My friend opted for the lobster carbonara, which consisted of squid ink linguine, piquillo peppers, green onions, mint, and uni butter. I’m not one for seafood, but even the aesthetic of the lobster carbonara itself was enough to make me consider living off of squid ink linguine alone. Squid ink pasta is hard to come by (based on my experience, at least), so if you even remotely like the taste of lobster, you can’t pass up the chance to try this unique dish yourself.



No meal is complete without desserts, and despite having already eaten our bodyweights in appetizers and pastas, we ordered both the Bombolini mini doughnuts and the berry crostata. The doughnuts were stuffed with chocolate grenache and drizzled with creme anglaise, and served as a sweet complement to a rich meal. Equally sweet was the berry crostata, with a lemon almond crumble and toasted almond gelato.

What’s a satisfying meal and delectable desserts without equally impressive drinks to wash it all down, though? Gran Morsi’s drink menu features standard beer and wine options, as well as a carefully curated house cocktails section. This includes the limoncello margarita (Milagro tequila, housemade limoncello, grand marnier, lime, frother), il giardino (Tito’s vodka, St. Germain, rosemary, basil, lime, peach bitters, froth), and mela bevanda (Havana Club Anejo rum, mezcal, beckerovka, apple butter, lemon, creole bitters), and each drink on this list is genuinely beautifully crafted.

All in all, there’s simply no way to go wrong with Gran Morsi. From a perfect location (aka a short walk away from Battery Park, which prevents you from immediately falling into a food coma post-amazing meal), to a menu teeming with fantastic dishes, to an incredible staff dedicated to ensuring a fully satisfactory dining experience, Gran Morsi appeals to a wide audience across all fronts.

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