For those of you who adore breakfast food (and the drinks that come with it), I highly recommend Lasagna Restaurant, located at 196 8th Ave in Chelsea. Reservations are needed for brunch at this cute restaurant, and are made for a designated two hour time slot (10-12 p.m., 12 p.m.-2p.m.) to ensure that customers can take their time enjoying whatever meal they choose (and take full advantage of bottomless mimosas, bellinis, screwdrivers, or bloody marys for a flat price of 9$, which allows customers to switch between drinks as well). The prices are reasonable, with “Italian Brunch” being $15.95 and including a variety of meals, from eggs/omelette specials (like eggs benedict, frittata alla cacciatore, and smoked salmon scramble) to salads (cobb, spinach, and antipasto) to French toast and pancakes (I’m pretty boring and opted for the buttermilk pancakes, which were topped with strawberries, orange slices, whipped cream, and powdered sugar and were absolutely delicious). There are also brunch specials (Italian burger, shrimp crab cakes, and smoked salmon breakfast), and the standard menu is available as well in case you were craving something other than brunch food. Whichever breakfast you choose from the mouthwatering menu is sure to satisfy you, and the garlic bread that’s given to each table is hands down the best I’ve ever had. The waiters check in on you constantly, refilling drinks and making sure everyone is content with their meals, and the atmosphere within Lasagna is energetic and comfortable, despite the tables being very close together to accommodate all of the people who can’t get enough of this fantastic restaurant. The location of Lasagna in Chelsea (there is another location in Midtown East, but I have only eaten at this one) also makes it easy to make a day of the trip, with countless clothing stores located nearby (and also an Insomnia Cookies for when your food baby disappears). You might even be lucky enough to run into a celebrity- my friends and I met Olivia from The Bachelor just outside. With a picturesque location, charming atmosphere, and delicious food, Lasagna Restaurant is a surefire guarantee for those looking to enjoy a New York City brunch.

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