If being greeted in the lobby of a museum by an array of sex toys and novelties doesn’t phase you (or you can at least pretend you’re mature enough not to laugh until you’re out of earshot of the composed employees), the Museum of Sex, located at 233 5th Ave (at the intersection with E 27th St) is the museum for you. The ground floor of this unconventional museum constitutes the gift shop, with souvenirs ranging from seemingly innocent magnets for your fridge to whips and handcuffs, complete with sexual “potions” and edibles. The prices for actually entering the exhibits of the museum aren’t too steep (for a student ticket and admittance into the “Jump for Joy: Bouncy Castle of Breasts” I paid 21$ and change) and are definitely worth it. The specific exhibitions featured here are not guaranteed to be open on any given day, and a display of past exhibitions is available at . When I visited, the featured exhibits were: “The Sex Lives of Animals” (pretty self-explanatory, but for those wondering it was literally a room entirely dedicated to displaying how different species of animals have sex through statue displays, video monitors, and pictures); “Splendor in the Grass: Kinesthetic Camping Ground” (this floor was designed to resemble a campground and contained 5 different tents, each with a different interactive experience [one where you hold hands with someone else and a screen shows your silhouettes and changes colors depending on the intensity of the two holding hands, one where you’re invited to get on your hands and knees, one that’s totally dark where you’re not supposed to know ahead of time if you’re going in alone, one mimicking positions, and one that you’re supposed to go into alone that my friend and I opted out of]); ObjectXXX: Selected Artifacts from the Museum of Sex Archive (a floor displaying the different sexual products that were popular in various time periods with descriptions of each); Hardcore: A Century & a Half of Obscene ImageryIMG_5051 (this floor was literally just porn – pictures and videos alike); and Jump for Joy: Bouncy Castle of Breasts (a bouncy castle accentuated with boobs of all colors that two people are allowed in at a time; stellar photo op in here). As an individual whose immaturity level is even with that of someone maybe 8 years younger than me, I had an amazing time here and would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to try something new, since this is definitely not your standard museum. However, it does actually also contain art, as well as in depth histories and displays for those who are more serious about museum trips. All in all, a trip to the Museum of Sex is without a doubt a trip you will not forget and I definitely recommend that those who are 18 or older (anyone younger cannot be admitted) and seeking something new and undeniably entertaining to do in the city check it out.

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