Looking for the authentic taste of parmesan covered meals without the wait of restaurants boasting to hold the secret to satisfying that craving? Look no further than Parm, the absolutely delicious (and quick) restaurant who has made its home in various parts of the city, from the Upper West Side to Yankee Stadium. The Upper West side location is a very short walk from Lincoln Center, and when I tried Parm with a somewhat large group of friends, we were seated immediately and were served our meals no more than 10 minutes after ordering. I went with the classic eggplant parm and was not disappointed, and my friends can vouch for the mouthwatering tastes of the chicken parm dinner, penne scampi, and baked ziti. The prices are also reasonable (I believe my meal was around 15$) and waiters are constantly hovering around the table to ensure that the guests have ample water and are thoroughly satisfied with their choice of meals. Other options at Parm include a variety of appetizers (like meatballs, crispy zucchini, and buffalo cucumbers), salads (like caesar, arugula, and greek), and fish. Sandwiches are also available, served either on a sweet bun or as a hero on a sesame grinder roll, and options include turkey, meatball/eggplant/chicken parm, an Italian combo, and the Randy Levine Special (char sui pork, pickles, and spicy mustard). Those who take an exceptional likening to Parm can also be at ease with the knowledge that Parm caters events on request. All in all, my eggplant parm dinner was a delicious meal that I will for sure be coming back for, and the fact that it was delivered to my table in such a brief period of time was just an added bonus.

For more information: http://www.parmnyc.com


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