No one in their right mind would ever turn down the chance to step inside Barbie’s Dream House, but for those of us who don’t have that as a feasible option (read: me), Pietro Nolita is a close and much more explicit second choice. With its self-proclaimed “Pink As F*ck” aesthetic and intimate size, Pietro Nolita is the perfect place to play Lower-Manhattan-Barbie-Goes-to-Brunch. 

The brunch menu is definitely stacked with more savory than sweet options, with options like “uove in comic con carta di musica” (poached eggs with pane carasau, red sauce, & pecorino romano) and a pasta menu featuring spaghetti carbonara and rigatoni al pesto. 

However, those with more of a sweet tooth can also satisfy their hunger with Italian style French toast and pancakes with fruit. Other crowd favorite menu items include a classic eggs benedict with salmon, a goat cheese omelette, and an egg sandwich boasting crispy prosciutto, basil pesto, a brioche bun, and Italian cheese (I think out of the 10 of us at Pietro Nolita, 8 of us ordered the egg sandwich and not a single person had any sort of complaint). 

If none of the above interest you (in which case you probably need to re-evaluate your food choices), there are also meatball and chicken sandwiches, and a spicy lamb burger.

We all know the main appeal of brunch is the chance to indulge in an unneeded-but-needed cocktail during the day without judgement, and Pietro Nolita has a solid menu of unique and fruity breakfast drinks. For a twist on a classic Aperol spritz, opt for the Rosa, which has the main features of a spritz (Aperol and prosecco) mixed with fresh lemon and vodka for an extra kick. If tequila’s more your speed, the Paloma is a safe bet, consisting of tequila, grapefruit juice, and rosemary syrup. Not every drink has hard alcohol, though, which is definitely the more “responsible” way to go (but how responsible can you really be if you’re already making the decision to drink at noon on a Sunday?), like the Dolcezza, which is a blend of white peach and prosecco. There are also fairly extensive coffee and tea menus for the more productive members of society that don’t want to spend the afternoon subtly hungover. 

While I can only vouch for the brunch, Pietro Nolita’s lunch and dinner menus also seem to be drool-worthy. The lunch menu is fairly similar to the brunch menu, and dinner options include several pastas (including home made gnocchi al pesto which sounds like something I need in my body absolutely immediately), chicken, steak, veggies, and an enviable appetizer section featuring burrito and caprino con pomodoraccio. 

With an Instagram-worthy interior no matter where you look (one of the pictures on this post is literally from the bathroom, please pretend that isn’t weird and just appreciate the wallpaper) and a menu full of mouth-watering Italian options, Pietro Nolita deserves a spot on anyone’s list of brunch destinations. Go eat your dressed up and clearly superior version of an egg sandwich and live out your dreams of being in Barbie’s kitchen ASAP.

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