When you finally drag yourself home after a night out, there’s inevitably only one thing on your mind: hot and greasy food. Luckily for us in the Bronx, we have Pugsley’s Pizza to satisfy that late night craving.


It’s no secret that NYC has some of the best pizza around, and Pugsley’s affirms that claim with options like a slice of cheese pizza with cold mozzarella on top (which might sound bizarre, but when the mozzarella starts melting into a gooey second layer of cheese, you’ll thank me) or a penne à la vodka pie. A late night meal isn’t complete without garlic knots, and Pugsley’s can hook you up with some of the best ones you’ll ever try. Other options include the fan favorite chicken rolls, pastas, and even salads (although if you go to Pugsley’s and get salad instead of a pizza, not to be dramatic or anything but you don’t deserve to go).


I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like the inside of Pugs: student curated specials surrounded by photo collages plastered to the wall, a tray of burnt food as a reminder to pay attention to your cooking, and an array of booths, tables, and couches spread out through an eclectic interior. Even the experience can’t be matched: if you’re lucky, the owner will play his saxophone or let you slip behind the counter to hit a giant gong. Anyone who visits is also eligible to be featured on the Pugsley’s instagram account, so be sure to look your best.


Pugsley’s Pizza isn’t just reserved for students in the early hours of the morning, though. It’s never a bad decision to hit it up for lunch or dinner, and when it’s nicer out, there’s nothing better than sitting outside and devouring a slice of pizza the size of your head. Locals and parents of students alike are just as strongly drawn to this celebrated pizza joint as the students who rave about it are; to quote one satisfied dad full of wisdom, “I like this place- it has character.”


Next time you’re in the Bronx, you can’t pass up the chance to try a slice with cold mozzarella or a world-famous chicken roll (probably not actually world-famous if I had to guess, but you get the gist). To make it even better, the motto of Pugs is “love is it,” and the workers all truly embody that sentiment, so you really just have no excuses to overlook Pusgley’s Pizza.

For more information: https://www.instagram.com/pugsleypizza/


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