Club vibes in an upscale setting can go one of two ways: tacky and try-hard or the ideal brunch hot spot, and The Ainsworth Midtown definitely pulled off the latter. The music playing in the background could have been pulled directly from a “greatest hits of the 2000s” Spotify playlist, and regardless of if that was meant to cater to my friends and I (seeing as the restaurant was relatively empty) or if that’s The Ainsworth’s go-to choice, it definitely gets the stamp of approval. Top it off with literally drool-worthy food and you’ve got your new favorite Sunday morning destination. IMG_9260

Located at 45 E 33rd Street, the Ainsworth Midtown has a varied menu, with standard brunch options like eggs benedict and breakfast burritos as well as meals specific to the Ainsworth like the stuffed French toast (“granola-coated texas toast soaked in coconut milk batter, nutella, crème anglaise, powdered sugar, fresh berries”) and a burrata bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. Definitely don’t limit your options to just “brunch” themed meals, though. The starters, burger/sandwich, and salads menu is also available during brunch times and for sure should not be overlooked. The Ainsworth is known for their mac & cheese burger, and it’s easy to see why. Even the starters are top notch, and you can never go wrong splitting spinach and artichoke dip or chips and guac.IMG_9254

The prices are pretty standard for an NYC brunch (14$ for a burrito, 18$ for the mac & cheese burger for scale), and there are 3 other locations (Chelsea, Gramercy, and Hoboken) for those who live farther from Midtown. The Ainsworth Midtown has terrace seating available for the warmer months and also accommodates private events (and standard reservations, unlike a lot of brunch restaurants). Next time I need a mac & cheese burger, catch me at The Ainsworth singing along to Britney Spears.

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