Looking for massive shareable Italian dishes around Times Square? Tony’s Di Napoli is a must for you. The wait for the food itself is super short, and even if it was prolonged I would imagine the restaurant would still be packed to the brim with satisfied customers. The chicken parm is everything you could want in a meal: thick, gooey cheese slathered on top of crispy breaded chicken with globs of tomato sauce surrounding the two, and the ravioli was undeniably the best I’ve ever had. I dined at Tony’s with my dad and brother, who puts away more food than anyone I know, and the three of us were able to split one order of ravioli, one of chicken parm, and a house salad, and still have enough leftovers for a couple extra meals. IMG_8956

Price-wise, Tony’s is about what you would expect in the most fair sense (chicken parm designed to serve at least 2-3 people is 28$), and there is both a lunch and a dinner menu, as well as two locations (one in Times Square and one on the Upper East Side). The restaurant is bigger than your average, and signed caricatures of celebrities line the walls. Tony’s is definitely family-oriented with an inviting atmosphere and amazing dishes. The staff strives to ensure a satisfying meal with exemplary service, and I will definitely be returning soon.

For more information: https://www.tonysnyc.com

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